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Alliance of Christian Healers
License Board

PO Box 163
Ridgecrest, NC 28770
ach @ fshlb.com (no spaces)

The best way to contact the Board is via email. We are all volunteers and none of us has the time to answer the telephone on a regular basis. If you write us an email we will try to set a time when we can speak on the telephone, but we do like to keep a written record of our discussions anyway.

Our email address is given above. Just remember to type without any spaces between any letters or symbols. If you would like to write us, please address your correspondence to:

The ACH License Commission
PO Box 163
Ridgecrest, NC 28770

We share a secretary with several other organizations. So it's important to send your correspondence to the above address. You can use the abbreviation ACH for our license board. Our secretary's name is CJ. You can reach her at 800-710-1539 extension 3, but please be prepared to leave a message with your number and the times you'll be available.

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